JBean Is Baguette, Bordeaux and Bliss Bound!

That’s right, CH and I are headed to France.  And we aren’t talking about a vacation here, we are moving our lives and personal belongings to France for 3 months.  Three whole months of pure French living!!!

I have been granted the opportunity to finish my BA in French in France this Spring/Summer.  After a thorough application process, many sleepless nights hoping and praying I’d get it, and many more nights figuring out how we’d make it happen, we are less than a month away now, and I can hardly contain myself.

The timing in our lives couldn’t be better. CH has three months off before he starts his law job, we are moving to a new city anyways,  so we figured  we might as well add one more adventure to the pile.  I am so grateful that CH gets to experience this adventure with me, it just wouldn’t have been the same without him (and trust me, he is excited too – who wouldn’t be…he gets to eat baguettes, drink wine and study for the Bar exam in France!)  I am so fortunate that I get to study and live in the culture that I have studied for the past 3+ years.  Not to mention that I get to experience the food, wine and everything else about the French way of life for three months!  I’ve been twice before in my life, once in 2003 and again in 2009 with CH.  That said, I know my experience will be different living there, as a temporary resident instead of tourist.

However, NOT TO WORRY, JBean Cuisine is coming with me!  I will be cooking in a way different kitchen (I am already emotionally preparing myself for that, and planning what to take with me to survive a teeny-tiny French kitchen).  The nature of my posts will definitely change while I am there, but I am so excited to feature local products and French wines and try to de-construct some of the amazing meals I will be eating.  I am SO excited to bring out my inner-Julia Child.  You just know that cookbook is coming along with me!

For those of you who follow my blog, I am EXTREMELY grateful and I hope you will continue to follow me during this side-adventure in my life. I guarantee some amazing experiences will be blogged, as will some amazing food. I cannot wait to share my taste of France with you.


PS – Any recommendations for things to do/see/eat in France would be absolutely welcomed and appreciated!  We plan to do lots of weekend trips while we are there too!

Photo Credits:  Top Eiffel Tower and French Heart


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