A Weekend in Switzerland…

I sorry for the lack of posts….CH and I got back last night from a wonderful weekend getaway to Switzerland. We visited mostly the Swiss-French region and it only fueled my desire to stay in Europe for good, as not only are these weekend destinations at my back door, the people we met were incredible and the food (for the most part!) was delicious.

We love to explore the backcountry, and this weekend was no different.  We added 2hrs to our drive, each way, just to avoid all of the main highways (not to mention that France charges you to use the freeways, and it adds up fast!).  In any event, we enjoyed our drive through all of the very small French towns and farms and the scenery just can’t be beat – it was truly beautiful.  CH did get frustrated on Sunday when no gas stations were open and my bladder may have suffered a little trying to find somewhere in all the small towns, but we survived.  In any event, the drive was worth it and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Switzerland took our breath away and we can realistically see ourselves living there in the not too distant future.  I love the blend of cultures and traditions, and I fell in love with the dairy cows, which wore these gorgeous sounding bells around their necks, so the farmers can find them when it’s time to heard them in.  We stayed at a family run B&B at the base of Gruyere, and they have a heard of 30 cows on their property – I may have purposely kept the window open at night, just to hear the bells in the morning.  I wanted to buy a bell, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it back in Canada….hummm…maybe one more argument to get that dog I am yearning for (only kidding!).

Although we weren’t blessed with the best weather, we took it in stride and still managed to see the Alps and a lot of other beautiful Swiss countryside.  We also met some truly wonderful people, and we hope our paths cross again in the near future!

PS – Here are a few shots from our weekend!  If you squint, you might be able to see me in the picture of the “Du chocolate pour ton bonheur”.  You have to love that they promote “Happiness is…..chocolate!”

PSS – Can you believe that we did NOT eat fondue, the entire weekend?  I was shocked too, but we ate lots of other delicious (and very heavy) foods, including plenty of Gruyere cheese.  CH also ate his fair share of Nestle chocolate at the factory….don’t look at me if there is a shortage of Swiss chocolate in the coming months!!


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