Somewhere…Over the Rainbow…

Hello – I am back.  To be completely honest, this is the first time in almost a month that I’ve had 10 minutes to sit-down and have time to myself.  And pretty much the only reason that I have these 10 minutes, is because CH is sick in bed, so I have to be quiet and can’t move/un-pack boxes.

Our lives have been a whirlwind lately.  We’ve gone from living here – Paris, France:

To here – Toronto, Ontario:

I’ve been back and forth to Vancouver, BC twice already in two weeks:


I’ve hosted a bridal shower & a bachelorette party for one of my best friends, and attended the wedding of another good friend. To top it off, I attended one of my best friends engagement party in Toronto, and helped her make over 100 cupcakes (with handmade fondant flowers!) for the event.

CH and I have moved into our new home in Toronto. With the help of our of good friends, we successfully moved all of our belongings into our new apartment, and could barely see the floor once all of our belongings were delivered.  I forgot home much I hate moving and I hope this is the last move for a while.

I’ve been interviewing for a new job in Toronto for the past week, and I have secured a position that I am so excited to start (but I am grateful for a few weeks off first!)

And, that about summarizes my life for the past month.  I’ve truly missed blogging, but most of all I’ve missed cooking.  I literally cooked my first meal in almost a month tonight, and it was chicken noodle soup (from scratch of course) to feed my sick husband. Now that we are getting settled into our new home (albeit slowly!), and with the amazing St. Lawrence Market across the street from us, my kitchen won’t know what hit-in in a few days time.  I’m still deciding what my inaugural dish is going to be…maybe I will just visit the market and see what happens.

I truly apologize for the lack of posting lately.  For those who have stuck with me, thank you so much – I can’t wait to share my new recipes, cooking adventures, and some of my new TO life with you over the coming weeks.


Images: Paris and Toronto and Vancouver


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  1. Glad to hear that you are settling in, I think you get a pass from blogging with everything you’ve had going on. Looking forward to new posts!

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