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KitKat Cake


How about a fun Friday post :)!

This cake was ridiculously easy to make but super impressive.  Three of my girlfriends all turned another year older within a few weeks of each other, so we had a birthday celebration for them and I offered to make the cake…only because I had been dying for a reason to make this.

Let me tell you – this cake brings you back to being about 5, when your amazing Mom makes you the best birthday cake for your party (I fondly remember upside down ice-cream cone cakes one year).  Now this one has it all – chocolate cake, smothered with chocolate icing, covered with KitKat bars and then all topped with Skittles (or whatever your favourite candy is!).  Umm, hello – even the non-sweet lover me enjoyed it (well, I enjoyed sneaking a few Skittles off the top, let’s be honest!)

It’s really easy to put together too – just a few minutes of patience and a basic chocolate cake recipe (like here – Mom’s cake!)

Many of the people who enjoyed this cake claimed that they would make it for their next party (and hey, so did the rest of Pinterest too!).



Chocolate KitKat Cake

Prep Time:  10 minutes
Cook Time:  depends on what cake recipe
Servings:  6-10 people, plus cupcakes if you use Mom’s recipe below


  • one really good chocolate cake recipe (here!)
  • a batch of your favourite chocolate icing (or cheat, like me, and use good ‘old Betty)
  • about 46-50 MINI kitkat bars (original recipe says to use the regular size KitKat, which you can if you make a larger cake, but mine was smaller so I used smaller!)
  • 2-3 packages of your favourite candy (skittles seen here)
  • ribbon


This recipe says make an 8″ cake – but I didn’t have that size pan.  So, I went smaller (mine was about 5-6″) and I used the rest of the cake mixture to make mini-cupcakes, which accompanied the cake!

Bake the cake according to directions and then allow it to cool COMPLETELY (key step!)

When cooled, use your favourite chocolate icing and ice the entire cake evenly (be generous with the icing).

Break the Kitkats into singles and gently place them around the cake, as shown, until covered.

Place your favourite candy on-top, tie with ribbon and you are done!

One thing to note – it is best to place this on the serving dish/cake carrier or whatever you plan to use BEFORE you ice the cake – just so you don’t have any mishaps later!

Now go enjoy being 5 while eating this cake – or I hope the true 5 year old enjoys this cake.

Recipe from Made in Melissa’s Kitchen, originally seen on The Tipsy Hostess



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