About JBean

About JBean

Who is JBean? ME!!  But also known as:  Jill, Bean, Jilly-Bean and I am a wife, daughter, sister and friend!

My real name is Jill and I am a cookaholic!  I live with my husband (or should I call him my dishwasher? Or taste-tester?).  We live in Ontario, Canada but were born and raised on the west coast of Canada in Vancouver!  CH (my husband) and I are the ultimate pair according to our friends…I love to cook and he loves to eat!  CH is truly my best friend, but more importantly, my biggest fan and supporter in life and in the kitchen.  He is also the reason I finally started my blog, considering my Christmas gift from him was the domain and the design process.  He is a man on a mission….wanting me to cook more, so I can blog more (and so he can eat more)!

Cooking is definitely my passion and when I am in my kitchen, I am at home.  I love entertaining family and friends, trying new recipes, new foods, new cuisines, well, really – anything to do with food.  I also love wine (we got married at a winery in 2010!), so anything food or wine related has my name written all over it!

I have always loved cooking and some of my best memories are in the kitchen.  My Mémère (which is French Canadian for Grandma) was always in the kitchen and I think I was always in there with her!  She was an amazing home cook and made almost everything from scratch.  My Mémère is also where I got my cooking roots and French touches.  Although she has passed, many of these posts and recipes will be in her honor, as I feel closer to her when I cook.  My Mom is also an excellent cook, so expect to see many of her creations here too!

Why the name “JBean Cuisine”?

No, I don’t cook only beans nor is this a bean blog!

My name is Jill, but most of my family rarely calls me that.  I usually go by “Bean” – in fact, I can barely recall a time my Dad has called me Jill.  Deciding to use “Bean” in my blog name is an ode to who I am and to my family who means so much to me!

*Bart is my best friend and the other foot in this picture*

Cuisine is a two-part description!  The obvious one is that my blog is about food! But more specifically, using the word ‘cuisine’ is recognition of my French heritage, my Mémère and my love of French cooking.  Don’t think that all you will see on this blog is French cooking though, we LOVE all types of foods (Indian currently being on the top!).

Why the Blog?

I live across the country from my family and many of my close friends, so for me this is one way to share my life with them and share my love and passion of cooking with all of you!  My blog is also way for me to keep track of my cooking adventures and how I grow and develop as a cook.  Last but not least, I enjoy entertaining and many friends ask for recipes, so now they can get them here!


6 responses to “About JBean

  1. Lindsay

    Jill!! I’m so excited to see your blog is up! I can’t wait to read all of your fabulous recipes. You should put the tofu parm one up at some point because I have told several people how amazing it was (mainly when people ask if I eat tofu and then give me skeptical looks), and I think I could be more convincing if I could direct them to delicious-looking photos on your blog. I can’t wait to read about all your creations! 🙂

  2. Kathleen Fenske

    Bonjour Jill,
    J’adore ton “blog”! Je suis toujours en train de défaire mes valises et j’ai trouvé ton adresse. Je vais essayer la salade parce que je suis d’accorde avec toi, j’aime bien les salades en France. Si tu peux trouver une bonne recette pour les gougères ça serait super.
    Ancienne camarade de l’Institut à Tours

    • So great to hear from you Kathleen, definitely missed you the last two weeks.
      I will definitely try to find and concur a recipe for gougeres.
      Hope all is well back home, keep in touch!

    • Love this idea! It’s just me at home, but even with just me, I tend to cook more than going out and do try to cook htehaly for the most part (because obesity hits the 40+ somethings, too!).

  3. Rita

    Yesterday I was searching for a copy-cake Boston Pizza Spicy Perogy Pizza and came across your blog! Tried the recipe last night and everyone in the family loved it. It’s now the new family favourite and everyone wanted the recipe to take home. I will be sure to check out other recipes that you have. Thank you so much for sharing !!!!

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