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Kitchen Update…

I have a new sous-chef in my kitchen…

JBean Cuisine readers, please meet Hudson, our adorable 10 week old Vizsla who is currently about 12lbs and is adorably wrinkly.  He’s loving, loyal, adventurous and we love him more with each day.

He is totally food-driven, so don’t be surprised if you see doggie treats posted from time to time.  Also, please excuse the lack of posting…this dog is a full-time job for both of us and there hasn’t been much cooking in the kitchen as of late.

Please leave a note below if you have any doggie-friendly recipes, or if you have any puppy tips!

xo JBean and Hudson



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Happy Blogiversary To JBean Cuisine (& A Giveaway!)!

I can’t believe it.  My blog is officially 1-Year-Old!! I remember starting this blog last year – CH bought me the domain for Christmas and away I went. I remember worrying that no one would read it, that it would be boring and that I wouldn’t get the hang of it.  But you know what, today as I sit here, I don’t really care about those things any more – I blog for me, I blog for you my readers and I blog because I enjoy it.  I love food and trying new recipes, and that in of itself is a reason to celebrate.

I have grown from a few readers (thanks CH!) to more than I can believe each day – I am truly humbled every time I look at my stats, and I thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read my little piece of the internet and my ramblings!  83 post have gone-up on this site, and probably 20x the amount of photos have been taken.  I’ve blogged from London (ON!), Paris, London (UK!), Italy, Vancouver and now Toronto. I’ve made some great blogging friends and challenged myself in the kitchen.  What an adventurous year it has been!

As a sign of my thanks, I am giving away a $25 gift card to WholeFoods (valid in both Canada & the US).  Why this?  Well, I love the store, but I also want you to go out and treat yourself to a product or ingredient that you wouldn’t always buy.  Get some nice Olive Oil, or a beautiful piece of cheese and enjoy it with someone you love (or keep it all for yourself!).  Basically, just have a treat on me as my way to say THANKS for being my reader.

To enter, simply leave a simple note below in the comments section – either just saying “Hi”, or let me know what you’d treat yourself to at WholeFoods. I will have CH use that software that randomly selects a winner, and I will notify you via email (so don’t forget to include it!). This giveaway is open to BOTH Canadian and US residents.  A winner will be selected on Tuesday, February 28th and the gift card will be delivered electronically to your email (upon verification).

I have truly enjoyed every moment of this blogging thing – even when I am cursing the light available, spilling things as a stage a photo or even forgetting to take pictures of my creations.  I cannot wait to continue this journey, and I can’t wait to see what life in the kitchen brings.

Thank you again, each and every one of you.


JBean Cuisine

Photos courtesy of WholeFoods and TheCurvyFastionista.


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Happy New Year

Just a quick post to wish all of you a wonderful NYE and all the best for 2012.

I also want to take this time to thank you for your support and readership in 2011 – it has meant so much to me. I look forward to sharing many recipes with you in 2012 and definitely more regular posting too.

See you in 2012.



Image from WallPaper Cafe

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