My Kitchen

My Kitchen Items

I have many favourite items in my kitchen, but here are a few of my must-have’s:

Global Knives
I took a 10-week cooking class in 2008 and bought my first Global knife during the class.  Ever since, I am in love with them and my collection has continued to grow.  I have small hands so these slim, lightweight knives are the perfect fit.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

An extremely thoughtful gift from 3 very special people in my life, this is one of the best items in my kitchen – for the color and its functionality.  I love the baking assistance (gotta help me somehow!), the meat grinder and the not yet used pasta attachment…

Nespresso Machine  A Starbucks day is a happy day for me.  I blame it on my Dad, I got the genes from him!  However, my Nespresso machine is equally amazing and gives me the pick-me-up I need frequently… almost like I was back in France or Italy, where the espresso is like heaven!

Emile Henry

I love almost anything Emile Henry.  My dutch oven, the dishes, my pizza stone, my salt pig, the pie plates…I love it all.  You’ll see many of these items in my kitchen and I am very grateful (and careful) with them!


A recent upgrade in our kitchen, but well used and so far I am a huge fan.  I love the even heat they deliver, they give a great sear, a beautiful sauce and the fact they are stove-to-oven ready!  Definitely worth the investment.


My must have for cooking eggs.  No fat is needed to cook a fried-egg perfectly.  This pan sees action at least 5 days a week in our house and I couldn’t live without it.

Cast Iron Skillet

The history is good for a laugh but the skillet is my secret weapon when preparing my delicious roast chicken recipe!  Great for searing meats and again for stove-to-oven, a definite necessity in any kitchen.  Just please, take good care of it… remember to oil it frequently and don’t let water stand in it!

Stick/Immersion Blender

One of the most used small appliances in my kitchen!  Great for pureeing soups, blending smoothies, making salad dressings and everything in-between.  Invest in a good one and it’ll become your best friend.

My Favourite Chefs & Cookbooks

Laura Calder

A French Canadian chef who has captured me with her quirky personality and love of French food.   I PVR every episode and secretly wish I could be her sous-chef.  I love her traditional but accessible French recipes.

Must Get:  All of her cookbooks.

Tyler Florence

Love the way he cooks and thinks of food.  Some of his recipes are our favourites.

Must Get:  Tyler’s Ultimate Cookbook

Michael Smith

An old-time favourite, another Canadian chef who cooks using his ingredients as his recipe.


A Vancouver, BC restaurant (Vij’s) and spectacular Indian chef (whose wife is also a spectacular Indian chef) .

Must Get:  Both of their cookbooks.  They are incredible.


Author, chef and master spice supplier.  Her amazing Indian cookbooks have taught me all I know and her spices are top notch.

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